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Friday, December 15, 2017


Dhanishta 3, 4 padas, Shatabhisha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Poorvabhadra 1, 2, 3 padas

10 Dec, 2017 to 16 Dec, 2017

The week can begin with heavy strain and disappointment. Funny discussion can become serious and lead to small arguments with the life partner. Expenditure becomes more for children, and frustration can increase. Parents or close relatives of parents can help and support in your profession or business. Participation in spiritual programs and devotional nature can be enhanced. Facilities can take place based on the needs.


Shows lot of interest in devotional matters. Improvement is there in god worshiping. Takes elder’s suggestion and advice on financial and import matters. Laziness increases in children and they can neglect studies. However situations are in favour for children related matters. More care and safety measures required in important professional and business related dealings. Unexpected problems can cause dullness, mental disturbances and makes you weak. Lord Sri Rama’s coronation photo or visiting his temple or chanting his name can make you comfortable from all the challenges.

Aquarius yearly horoscope, This year your financial status will look up with gains from many sources. You will spend more on acquiring expensive vehicles and other luxurious items. You will also gain from the partnership. You will earn income through money lending. Speculation will yield moderate gains. You might look forward to a change in job. You will take up with caution but ensure its success in all respects. With your efforts and hand work your endeavours will succeed. You will engage yourself in charitable activities. Attention must be focused on your health. Health will deteriorate to a few. Those suffering from chronic health problems have to take extra care. There might be an addition to the family. You will have a pleasant time with your family. Your relationship with your parents will be very smooth. Your spouse might need your support, make sure that stand beside her. You will relate very well with everyone around. Try to maintain good rapport with relatives; you never know when you might require their support. Enemies will give a bit of trouble. There will be many short journeys. Business travels will be successful and profitable. Some will change their place of living or residence. You should keep your mind calm, by doing meditation and adopting other relaxation techniques. You will command respect and honour of society. You will have the high standard of living.


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