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Uttarashada 2, 3, 4 padas, Shravanam 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Dhanishta 1, 2 padas

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11 Mar, 2018 to 17 Mar, 2018

Even though struggles can become more, however it doesn’t bother you as everyone’s help and support can be there. Also there can be some criticism from those who give their support to you. Your life partner can display over smartness. One incident that pains your heart can take place. Encounters health problems related to head and foot. Time during weekend can be enjoyable.


The value for your words can rise during month beginning. Receives help and support form elders/teachers. Even though it looks that economic and family-related problems coming down, however physical strain increases from starting of the second week and debt can be taken from others. Health complications can trouble you. Obstacles can be encountered in every work. Irritation can be there due to opinion differences with mother or health complications encountered by mother. Troubles can rise due to uncle or Aunt. The troubles encountered due to Mother-in-law's family can be resolved during the middle of the month, however, encounters some criticism. Need for taking an important decision in business/profession can rise during month-end. Also encounters opinion differences with life partner during month-end. Thoughts can be frenetic. If you can overlook some of the family matters, it can be good for you.

Capricorn yearly horoscope, this year money will come from many sources. Financial status will improve. You will invest in property. You will also get the good income from agriculture. You will most likely be offered a leadership position at work. You will enjoy the confidence of your bosses. Delays and obstacles would cause frustration at work. Those who are in business can expect better results this year. Speculative activities will get favourable returns. Health will remain in good shape. If you do not keep control on, arrange, and frustration may hamper your peace of mind. Take care of your food habits and try and be in a positive frame of mind. Avoid arguments with family and relatives, which might lead to unnecessary quarrels. You will learn a lot about yourself through your partner. Your parents are likely to spend some time with you. Misunderstanding is likely to grow with friends and relatives. There will be loss, fear and enmity with friends and relatives. This is a time, where you are least likely to speak out or express your views freely. You will go on a pilgrimage and also travel far and wide. This will be an excellent year for travel. So pack your travel bags, get set and go. You will take decisions with clarity and courage. You will command respect and honour of society. You will have the high standard of living. You will get mental peace and comfort.


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