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Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

10 Dec, 2017 to 16 Dec, 2017

The negative atmosphere in family matters, problems with close relatives can be encountered. Mother can persist in perseverance. Initiated dealings can become more challenging. Participation in social activities can lead to travelling more. Respected and honoured for your service-oriented nature. It is better to avoid arguments. There can be mixed results in financial matters. Taking care of personal matters is good.


Financial growth becomes a tough challenge. Can overcome some of the difficulties in profession, business and other matters with your tactful communication. Shows good amount of interest in social services. Over heat is more in the body. There are conflicts with the life partner, however you can handles well with bravery. Respected well in the society. Even though results are satisfactory in everything, it is not peaceful due to unhealthy conditions. Expenditure can be more for father. Offering oil to Lord Saturn on Saturday or visiting any lord Venkateswara temple can help in improvement of health and unfinished dealings.

Taurus yearly horoscope, your income inflow is promising, growing expenses and investment will drain your deposits. You will have revenue from the sale of property, vehicle, business or public dealings. New ventures may be started. Speculative activities will yield positive results. Stock market investors may see fetching gains, and they will expand their operations. People who are in career will have the promotion this year. Salary may be hiked, and other benefits will be allowed. There are chances of transfers to distant places. Work environment may be spoiled by unknown enemies and false allegations. Your health would remain normal. Occasional sickness may compel you to visit hospitals. You may suffer from chronic ailments relating to private parts and kidneys and diabetes may give some troubles. You may have accidental surgery. You will enjoy domestic peace for the most of the year. Hospitalisation of older adults and difference of opinions may sometimes disturb your peace at home. You may travel to pilgrimage. There are chances of marriage celebrations at home. People who are in love affair will hear wedding bells. There will be a rise in your status, prestige and honour.


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