Agajanana Padmarkam Explanation in English

Agajanana Padmarkam

agajānana padmārkam gajānanam aharniśam
anēka dam tam bhaktānām ēkadantam upāsmahē

Agajanana Padmarkam

agaja = daughter of Himalaya viz. Parvati
aanana = Face
padma = (resembling like ) Lotus
arkam == Sun (As soon as thee lotus finds the sun it starts blooming. Same case with Mata Parvati when she sees vinayaka )
gajaananam = you , having the face of an elephant

aharnisam _ Day and night

anekadam = of many of

tam bhaktaanaam =Your Devotees

ekadam = one that is me

tam upaasmahe = praying you with all reverence and devotion.

He Lord Ganesha the Sun of Mata Parvati’s Lotus face , with elephant’s face I, worship you day and night , being one among the infinite number of devotees.

తెలుగు కొరకు


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