Amaravati Amareswara Swami Temple

Amaravati Amareswara Swami Temple

Amaravati Amareswara Swami Temple.

Amaravati is located in the south of The Krishna River. On festive days, visiting Amareswara Swami Temple after taking a bath in The River Krishna gives sahasra yagna Phala

. Godhana Phala is obtained only because of the bath in River Krishna.

The River Krishna that flows here gives 100times better results than The River Ganga. Places on the bank of The River Krishna are considered as highly sacred places. There are 5lingas by the names

  • Pranaveswara
  • Agastyeswara
  • Kosaleswara
  • Someswara
  • Pardhiveswara

one of the historic scientists Sri Rayaprolu Subramanyam mentioned that it is not a Buddhist Place.

When Kumaraswamy is killing Tarakasura the linga in his neck broken into 5peices and started growing.

Each piece in that is established by Devendra, so the linga, which is, established here is known as Amareswara.

In the second entrance of this temple, there is a mandapam, Sri Krishna Devaraya has done Tulabaram, and he donated all that to Brahmins.

Again in 1776, rulers of Amravati King VASIREDDY VENKATADRI NAIDU done Tulabaram and Donated in order to wash away the sin of killing thieves.

VASIREDDY VENKATADRI NAIDU has constructed Present Temple, which is located in Amravati. In the year, 1515 SRI KRISHNA DEVARAYA donated PEDHAMADHURU village to this temple in order to offer Pooja to Lord Amareswara.


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