Are you an Ideal Person? Check this out…

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Are you an Ideal Person

Are you an Ideal Person

There are different kinds of people in this world, which means different kinds of mentalities. But there are some common qualities of a pious and good person. Whatever the place of birth and whatever the environment brought up, an ideal person will possess basic qualities of divinity.

One of the famous poets Bhartruhari says that good people are like trees with lots of fruits whose branches bend down to reach those who want them and like clouds which are high but gives water in the form of rain. Good people cannot be evaluated in terms of riches or status. They do not possess pride and all they have is respect towards every person. These qualities are the natural attributes of an ideal person. So check yourself if you have these reasons of being a best person.

Think Good. Act Good. This is the key to a healthy you and a healthy society.

Jai Maha Kali


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