Are you not sleeping well? What might be the reason?

Ratri Suktam
Are you not sleeping well

Are you not sleeping well


1. What is the reason of sleeplessness or insomnia?

Sleep is to rest completely. When sleep is disturbed everything goes wrong. Everything irritates and everything seems to be very complicated. To sleep well is a healthy gesture of the body. Everybody needs at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep everyday. Some times it is too hard to sleep due to thoughts buzzing like bees.

The great Indian culture preaches timely food and timely sleep.Our culture has many ways to put ourselves to sleep and to pursue quality sleep. There is a vedic way of confronting sleeplessness. There is a hymn called Rathri Suktam. This hymn praises her almighty in the form of night. Ammavaaru comes in the form of dark night to give rest to us.

Chant this sloka or suktam before sleep. It ensures good and deep sleep without any disturbances. But to trust her almighty is more important to reap all the good results of this Ratri Suktam.

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