Atla Meedha Aava Puvvu Nomu Katha in English


The daughter of a holy Brahmin performed Atlapaina Avapuvvu Nomu(Vrat) and she lost both her husband and children. She couldn’t bear the pain and went to the forest crying. At that time, the gods Shivaparvathi who were going that way asked her the reason. The lady replied saying, “you will not understand why I am crying. So, please leave”. Listening to her words the gods thought that the lady is experiencing bad karma and left from there.

She continued to wander around the forest crying and Gods Shiva Parvati saw her again on their way and asked her the reason for her pain. She replied saying, ” This is all my karma. You people leave me”. Listening to her, they thought she is not done with her bad karma and left the place.

Later God Shiva Parvati again saw her crying there wandering in the forest and asked her the reason. She told that she was devastated by the deaths of her husband and children. Hearing this, Lord Shiva Parvathi told, “You have observed Atlameeda Avuppuvula Vrat and left it incomplete in your previous birth. Now go home, observe the Vrat, complete the story and put those Akshitaan on your head after completing the Vrat”. The woman did exactly as the suggested and observed the Vrat for one continuous year without any interruptions.

Before ending the Vrat, the devotee should invite a Sumagali woman, give her a holy bath washing her hair. Later one should offer a blouse piece along with Thamboolam and 12 Dosa(one for each month) made of ghee and jaggery. Finally, one should offer a salutation touching her feet, and doing so will bless the family with healthy and prosperous offspring.

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