Broom stick shouldn’t touch feet. Why?

Broom stick shouldn’t touch feet.

Broom stick shouldn’t touch feet.

What is it with broom?

Broom is the common thing present Indian households which is used to clean the house. There are reasons associated with it. Normally elders say that broom should not touch anyone’s feet. Many of them find it logic less as they do not believe in some cultural customs. But there exists answer for every question and clarification for every doubt in Indian Culture.

What makes broom stick inauspicious?

As per our Shastras or ancient scriptures tips of the broom house Lord Shani and Jyeshta Devi or Alakshmi, the first wife of Sri Maha Vishnu. It is also said that Lord Shani resides in the tips of broom, untied hair and unclean feet. So, it is said that the tip of broom should not touch anyone.

Surprising fact

This is followed in even in some countries in Africa. They consider that it is disrespectful act to touch broom to someone. They consider it as the bad omen. People of those African countries believe that touch of broom results in death or imprisonment. They spit on the broom as a remedy.



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