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Saturday, November 25, 2017


Uttarashada 2, 3, 4 padas, Shravanam 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Dhanishta 1, 2 padas

19 Nov, 2017 to 25 Nov, 2017

Capricorn weekly horoscope this week, you have to be watchful and guard your wealth with adequate safety measures. Your hard work and concentration will fetch you desired results. You will get support from your superior to gain professional achievements. There will be fortunate turn in life and you will get new status, promotion in job, position of authority and dignity. You may suffer from health related issues. You may suffer from lack of motivation and inspiration, while taking significant decisions.


Capricorn monthly horoscope this month, money will come from many sources. Financial status will improve. You will spend on clothing and jewelry. You will invest in landed property. You will enjoy the support of your superiors. Your will be offered a higher post. Your health will be at its best. You need to devote more time for interaction with family members. This is a time when you need to keep your family together as there could be tendencies for breakup. You need to practice meditation, and try and keep calm at all times in order to have harmony at home. While you will do your level best to promote friendships, some of your old friends drift away from you. You may be required to go foreign lands. There also, you may face obstacles. Take care of your belongings, while on travel. You will undertake purposeless travel. You will overcome all problems through sheer self-determination.

Capricorn yearly horoscope, this year money will come from many sources. Financial status will improve. You will invest in property. You will also get the good income from agriculture. You will most likely be offered a leadership position at work. You will enjoy the confidence of your bosses. Delays and obstacles would cause frustration at work. Those who are in business can expect better results this year. Speculative activities will get favourable returns. Health will remain in good shape. If you do not keep control on, arrange, and frustration may hamper your peace of mind. Take care of your food habits and try and be in a positive frame of mind. Avoid arguments with family and relatives, which might lead to unnecessary quarrels. You will learn a lot about yourself through your partner. Your parents are likely to spend some time with you. Misunderstanding is likely to grow with friends and relatives. There will be loss, fear and enmity with friends and relatives. This is a time, where you are least likely to speak out or express your views freely. You will go on a pilgrimage and also travel far and wide. This will be an excellent year for travel. So pack your travel bags, get set and go. You will take decisions with clarity and courage. You will command respect and honour of society. You will have the high standard of living. You will get mental peace and comfort.


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