Chaturmukhi Rudraksha – A four faced wonder

Chaturmukhi Rudraksha

Chaturmukhi or Four Faced Rudraksha 

Chaturmukhi or Four Faced Rudraksha is said to the the symbol of Lord Brahma and the one who wears it will gain the eternal knowledge and become creative in all aspects. It also symbolizes the divine guru Brihaspathi. Chaturmukhi bestows the wearer with the realization of levels of knowledge namely Jagrut – Awakening, Swapna – Dreaming, Sushupti – Samadhi and Turiya – Super Consciousness. This rudraksha is very useful for those who are in spiritual practice.

Benefits of Chaturmukhi or Four Faced Rudraksha

It removes dullness and enhances intellect

It is very useful for those who are in the fields of journalism, teaching, public speaking as it hones oratory skills

This rudraksha removes any complications regarding Thyroid gland

It helps in curing respiratory problems


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