Clay Pot Water – Ancient and Healthy Method of Storing Water


Earthen Pot Water

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Health Benefits of Water Stored in Clay or Earthen pots

  • Earth has health elements. A pot or a vessel made of clay is a product of earth. It contains the elemental healing qualities which are transferred to us when we drink water stored in earthen or clay pots.
  • Naturally cooled water in clay pots will be absorbed by the body than the water stored in a fridge. Water stored in clay pots absorb micro-nutrients and essential minerals from the kiln fired beautiful and wonderful globular vessels.
  • Water stored in clay pots possesses exact temperature which is neither cool nor hot for those who suffers from sunstroke. A person who is suffering from cough or cold can drink clay pot cooled water undoubtedly.
  • The alkaline property of clay pot deals with the acidity in water and maintains proper pH balance. Drinking clay pot stored water increases the amounts of testosterone in one’s body.


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