Control diabetes with raw Onions !


It may surprise many, but the magical benefits alone from onion can reduce sugar levels drastically. Diabetes is a fast-growing condition due to multiple factors like ageing, ethnicity, physical inactivity, and an energy-dense diet. Comparing to allopathy, raw onions are doing wonders in treating diabetes. Following the below steps for 7continous days are going to give significant results. 

So, how about treating this major risk factor with one single Kitchen ingredient??

Steps to follow:

  1. One should eat 50gms of raw onion every day without fail. 
  2. Irrespective of timings, one should mandatorily eat raw onions either with their meals or alone during any time of the day.
  3. 50gms of raw onion is equivalent to 20units of insulin. 
  4. Just continuously eating raw onion for 7days can drastically bring down your sugar levels. 
  5. If it is hard to eat 50grams of raw onions all at once, one can eat smaller portions diving them all through the day from morning to night. 
  6. One can even prepare “Pachi Pulusu” with raw onions. 

Other Benefits of Raw Onions:

  1. Cut thin slices of raw onions and add them to boiling water for a while. Drinking this water can reduce urine infection. 
  2. Grind raw onions to a thick paste and add 3 tablespoons of vinegar to it. Eat this paste to treat digestive issues.  
  3. To control loose motions and vomiting’s, grind onions to a fine paste and add some black salt to the paste. Eat this paste 2-3 times a day for great results. 
  4. Consuming raw onions in any form throughout the day helps in reducing menstrual problems in women. 
  5. In the case of men’s health, consuming raw onions regularly helps in treating infertility issues. 
  6. Raw onions prevent BP, heart stroke, Asthma, Allergies, Infections, cough, and obesity. 

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