Conversation between Gogineni and Paripoornananda Swamiji


Gogineni: I do not believe in horoscopes.
Paripoornananda: Yes! it is in your horoscope.

Gogineni: I do not believe in God.
Paripoornananda: Wrong! Even people like Ravana and Kansu did not believe.

Gogineni: Can you show me the God?
Paripoornananda: But, Would he like to see you?

Gogineni: Devotees offer Prasad to God. But why not there is a difference in the portion quantity if God accepted it.
Paripoornananda: You read books. But, why did not a single word disappeared from the book?

Gogineni: If God created human beings, why isn’t everyone the same?
Paripoornananda: Why not? Everyone is born naked crying after staying for 9months in the mother’s womb.

Gogineni: There must be kids and grandkids for both the gods and demons right? Where are those generations?
Paripoornananda: We are none other than their descendants.

Gogineni: If God is omnipresent? why those idols in temples?
Paripoornananda: It is to maintain your restraint.

Gogineni: What happens if we don’t remember God?
Paripoornananda: You have to tell us yourself because you have been thinking of him ever since our conversation started.

So finally, Gogineni nodded and went on his way.

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