Dhumavati – the beholder of ultimate knowledge of the universe

Dhumavati devi Temple
Dhumavati devi

Dhumavati Devi 


1. Dhumavati – the beholder of ultimate knowledge of the universe

Out of ten mahavidyas, Dhumavati maa is the only one who appears in the widow form. She is considered as the great widow of the universe. She is auspicious and inauspicious at the same time. Dhumavati maa possesses the knowledge of both creation and destruction of the world. She will bless her worshippers with the knowledge of the inner world than outer world. Her worshippers become the masters of their own conscience. Sadhana of Dhumavati maa is difficult as it is done in esoteric tantric methods. She is also known as Sulabha Sadhya, the one who blesses quickly.

She is known with many names and one of the important names is Alakshmi, the opposite aspect of Maha Lakshmi. She is the embodiment of poverty and impurity. Explanations about Dhumavati maa are mentioned in Guhyatiguhya Tantra, Mundamala Tantra, Shakti Sangama Tantra and Pranatoshni Tantra.

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