Do souls exist after our death?

do spirits come back after death
Do souls exist after our death?

Do souls exist after our death?

Death is common to any living creature on the earth. The characteristics of the soul depend on into which body it has to enter. The soul emerges as an animal or human having their respectful characteristics. In all the 64 lakh living creatures on the earth, only a human have intelligence, speech, and control over our senses. Such type of person has many types of personalities. Based on their caste, creed and religion their habits and tastes remain until the soul is present in their body. By their generous and charitable works they will go to heaven, and from their evil and ruthless works, they will go to hell. Based on the standard life expectancy the person’s death arrive. Until the Soul is present in our body, we call it as Shivam (living creature). When the soul leaves our body we call it as shavam (corpse).

The soul doesn’t leave our body immediately after our death. Our body is made up of earth, air, fire, water, and sky i.e.; the panch bhootas. So firstly they place the corpse on the earth and wet the corpse with water. Then the body will be cremated using fire. At last, it emerges into the sky in the form of smoke. If all these rituals are done then the soul reaches pious worlds. If these rituals are not made or if they are done with any type of hesitations and reluctance or if the soul has any wills to be satisfied then the soul comes into the dreams of their family members or relatives or else diseases spread over their family members all these are the signs that tell us whether there is a spirit or not.

Such members should constantly do deeparadhana in their house. They have to read stotras related to god in their home. Constantly doing deeparadhana gives tranquillity in the house. And the soul gets a pathway to reach pious worlds. We don’t get any type of problems with the soul if we do all the rituals properly.

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