Do you know the benefits of Saliva?

Do you know the benefits of Saliva?

Do you know the benefits of Saliva?

Saliva is a great boon gifted by God in his creation. It is   a miracle medicine produced not just in human beings but also in animals. Animals do not go to physicians if they get hurt. They just lick their wounds and the wounds heal. The same applies in case of human beings too. One just needs to apply one’s saliva to a wound and it gets healed in no time.

Conjunctivitis is a painful ailment of eye which causes severe reddening accompanied by unbearable burning sensation. Application of ones saliva around the eye reduces the reddening and burning sensation in a day.

Now a days it is common to see small kids wearing eye glasses. Regular application of the kid’s saliva around his/her eye for a period of three months might free the kid from the burden of wearing eye glasses. It is observed that even some of the chronic skin problems have been cured by applying saliva on the skin. I have seen Psoriasis getting cured this way.

God has placed a cure for all diseases in our mouth itself. Many may laugh at this idea of Saliva being used for treatment. Many may even loath at the very idea. But this is an excellent natural cure that God has blessed us all with. I have seen very serious eye problems getting cured with saliva.

Our elders have given us many such simple remedies. But our ignorance is leading to this knowledge not getting passed on to the next generations.


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