Do you know which fruit gives good nourishment to your brain?

Nourish Your Brain

Nourish Your Brain

Do you know which fruit gives good nourishment to your brain?

One fruit that is known to provide rich nourishment to our body and brain is Apple. It kills lethargy in our body, cleanses the liver and energises the body and brain. Apple has the ability to normalize and regulate the body temperature in people suffering from fever.

Miracle fruit

According to scientists, Apple is a treasure house of nutritional values. Polyphenols present in the skin of apples are known to fight cancer. Apples are known to help in preventing liver and bone cancers. It is a rich source of vitamin C and Calcium. Eating an apple does as good or a better job in cleaning teeth as compared to brushing. It is known to prevent heart problems. Maleic acid present in Apples is known to play a role in curing Muscle and Joint pains.

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