Ganesh Pooja to Avoid Parenting Problem


Are you facing problems with childbirth or children? 

Though there are many reasons to face problems with childbirth or having children, let us learn about the most important ones in terms of astrology.

Guru Shapam(Curse of Guru), pitru shapam, sarpa shapam / Kuja dosha, Brigu dosha are the main causes of birth problems. However, one can get rid of a few of them or one can find pariharam for reducing the effect, but few of them can never be eliminated/addressed. 

Due to the above dosha’s childbirth can be delayed, or aborted, or die at birth or one can be childless for life depending on the severity of their respective horoscopes. However, those who are facing this kind of issue are more likely to get good results if they consult an astrologer at the right time who is well versed in various aspects of astrology and will be able to examine the horoscope with an experimental vision and tell the result.

Let us know about the process of performing the Ganesh Puja to find a remedy for such problems. 

On the day of Vinayaka Chaviti, the couple should wake up during the Brahma Muhurta and with the help of some utensil or a bathtub, lie down/sit in the water covering from the feet to the navel area and then wear a wet cloth covering eyes and forehead. Now stay this way for 45mins at least and then take a clean bath.

Later collect a gold-coloured idol of Lord Vinayaka or cover the clay idol completely with Turmeric. Then sprinkle a few akshitaan on Calotrope leaves(Jilledu leaves) and place the idol on top of it. Now decorate the idol with garlands of white, red and blue flowers and an umbrella. 


Wheat breads made with jaggery, pumpkin pudding(payasam), daddojanam, dumplings(kudumulu), undrallu should be offered.

Puja Vidhana: 

  1. While reciting the mantras from Vinayaka Vratha Kalpam book, one should worship performing archana with Jilledu(Calotrope) flowers and Durvankamulu (Garika leaves).
  2. Offer Dhoopa Deepa Naivedyam to the lord. 
  3. Distribute the prasad to everyone and the couple should first eat the Payasam(pudding) and the remaining later. 

It is better to sleep on the floor (mat) on that day and there will be quick results if one can observe fast on following Sundays. 

Vastu Dosha removal with Ganesh idol