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2. Vastu tips to be followed to get more money

  • It is not advised to construct an artificial pond or swimming pool lower than the normal ground level in the corner of Nairuthi or South West. Rahu is the ruling planet of Nairuthi corner and care should be taken not to have water bodies on this corner.
  • Purple colour is said to attract money. Keep any plant which has purple flowers at home or use purple colour for window curtains or wall paint. Or otherwise, grow a money plant in a purple coloured glass bottle.
  • Keep your home or workplace always clean and tidy. It is said that Goddess Maha Lakshmi resides at clean places.
  • North-East corner of the home should have an aquarium with beautiful fishes or a small fountain. Keep this corner and aquarium clean always. Water in this corner spreads positive energies in the home.
  • The middle part of the house is the centre of energy. Try to keep panchaloha vigraham of your favourite god or goddess in the middle of the home. This place is called the Brahma Sthanam, where Lord Brahma resides.
  • South-West portion of the house should contain greenery as this is the place which controls the stability in family relations, business and prosperity.
  • Take care that there are no temples very near to your home. The light from the temple should not fall into the house. Especially in the North-East direction, take care that there are no temples or buildings. If there are tall buildings or temples, their shadow should not fall on your home.
  • Always keep your locker near to the South-West wall facing north. North is the direction ruled by Lord Kubera, the god of riches and brother of Goddess Maha Lakshmi. Your wealth will increase in many ways.
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