Goddess Sri Katyayani Devi

Goddess Sri Katyayani Devi

2. What to do? When to do? Why do?

On the 5th day of Navrathri, we have to embellish goddess Katyayani Devi and offer yellow color saree. Bananas and sweet rice should be offered as Prasad. Men or women who read the mantra mentioned above with edification will get relief from Kuja dosham, sukra dosham in their horoscope and get married in time.

Those who have the opportunity should contact a pundit who has a pure, academic voice and should accomplish Katyayani Devi vrath. Later we have to contribute horse gram, vibhuthi (bhasmam), red or ash colored saree and take their blessings. By doing this, all the doshas in our horoscope get reduced and get a good spouse.

The financial and debt related problems also get reduced.

Dangers (gandam) with vehicles get decreased.

The conflicts between husband and wife come to an end and lead to a happy family.

Blood-related diseases get reduced.

Students keep concentration in studies without creating any folly (foolishness).

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