Hanging pillar in Lepakshi – An architectural wonder


Lepakshi Hanging Pillar


1. Hanging pillar of Lepakshi temple

Hanging pillar of Lepakshi is one wonderful thing that draws many visitors to this South Indian temple. South India is the home for countless spiritual centers. Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka and Tamil Nadu house considerable number of temples with dwelling architecture. Anantapur district in Rayalaseema area of Andhra Pradesh is known as the land of spirituality. Many saints and avadhutas were born on this land. There are also wonderful temple in this region. One of them is Lepakshi Temple situated near Hindupur. Lepakshi is the place where the bird king fell down after fighting with Ravana when he was taking away Sita. Ravana cut off the wings of Jatayu and he fell here at Lepakshi.

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