Today – Hanuman Jayanthi celebrated by Telugu people | hanuman jayanti

Hanuman Jayanthi

Hanuman Jayanthi

Telugu people’s Hanuman Jayanthi

We celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on chaithra pournima (full moon day). Telugu people do Deeksha for 41 days and celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi again at the last day. They celebrate many events and fairs in these 41 days for Lord Hanuman. Devotees of Lord Hanuman perform Deeksha with lots of devotion and care. They retreat Deeksha on vaishakha bahula dashami and perform pooja very grandly. This day will be celebrated with lots of glory and magnificence in Suvarchala sahitha Anjaneya Swami temple at uyyuru.

There is an important reason behind celebrating this festival on vaishakha bahula dashami. There is a saying that “kalau paraashara smruthihi.” In parashara smruthi it is said that


Vaishakhemaasi krishnaayaam dshamyaam mandavaasare

Poorvabhadra prabhutaya mangalam Sri Hanumathe|

In this way, they celebrate Hanuman Jayanthi on vaishakha bahula dashami.

On this day they especially recitation of Hanuman’s birth story, Hanuman Chalisa and poems of Anjaneya takes place.


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