Hari Sayana Ekadasi, Go Padma Vratam, Beginning of Chaturmasya Vrata


This day is famous as Sayana Ekadasi as Lord Narayaṇa takes to ‘Yoga Nidra’ on this day. Perform the worship of Sesa sayi along with Lakshmi on a beautifully decorated bed. Puranas mention that such worship purifies the body, grants success in all endeavours, and finally yields place in Vaikuntha, the abode of the Lord. History mentions that Sati Sakkubai attained liberation performing this vrata. Starting from this Ekadasi, since Lord is observing all His devotees from His Yoga Nidra’, performing virtuous deeds such as vratas to please Lord till Kartika Suddha Ekadasi bestows His grace. This being the first one, it is also called ‘tholi Ekadasi. Pray Lord Nārāyaṇa as below – 

suptē tvayi jagannādha! jagatsuptam bhavēdidaṁ | 

vibuddhē ca visuddhyēta prasanno mē bhavācyuta | 

idam vrataṁ mayā dēva grhītaṁ puratastava | 

nirvighnaṁ siddhimāyātu prasādāt tava kēśava || 

Go Padma Vratam – 

This vrata should be performed by those living in villages in their cowsheds or homes from this ekadasi day till Kartika suddha dwadasi. Clean the areas, draw 33 lotuses, place Narayaṇa or Sri Krishna on a pedestal, and worship with all sixteen upacharas. After completion of puja, give tambula and offering of turmeric, kumkum, brown grams, and fruits to 33 sumangali women. During this vrata period, one should leave using honey, beetel gourd, sugarcane, berries, pumpkin, new gooseberry, and tamarind Chaturmasya vrata begins – Those performing this vrata should discard using jaggery, oil, watermelon, pumpkin, new gooseberry, tamarind, betel gourd, white mustard, and black gram. They should not eat outside, should not eat without offering to God, and should not sleep on cots. Daily worship is prescribed.