Dhanishta 3, 4 padas, Shatabhisha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Poorvabhadra 1, 2, 3 padas

Aquarius Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter (Guru) acts as Loha Murthi (Iron form, considered to be extremely unfavourable) communicating in the 12th house and later acts as Loha Murthi (Iron form, considered to be extremely unfavourable) in birth Rashi. Saturn acts as Swarna Murthi (Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable) communicating in the 12th house, and the planets Rahu- Ketu communicates between houses 4-10 acting as Rajata Murthi(Silver form, considered to be favourable)

This year is going to give mixed results while the wandering planets Saturn, Rahu, and Jupiter look against, and due to “Ardastama Rahu” the results are unfavourable and negative. The negative effect increase due to Antardasha and becomes minimal due to Yogadasha. 

Because of “Sade Sati”(elinati shani) and the scripture “Manahanirmanaklesam krushirbhojanapalpasaha” says Aquarius people are going to get dishonour, lack of mental peace, eating late due to disturbed sleep patterns, high money expenditure, job stress, efforts going to waste without expected results, laziness, spending lots of money, buying already existing things and signs of place change. 

Due to the planetary movement of Jupiter in the birth house and expenditure house, the scripture “subamlo vyayaishchava pranavikraya dushanam” depicts money being spent for special events, and the other scripture “Rajakopoyasohani udhyogasya virodhakam” shows problems due to superior, chances of positional motion, government-related works getting postponed, money loss, signs of getting cheated and feels lethargic. 

Because of “Ardastama Rahu” the scripture “chitrabramsam vaatharogam sthrimulasya dhanakshayam” says Aquarius will spend money for addictions, conflicts in the family, hurdles in work, and a chance of danger

It is suggested to follow Sade Sati(elinati shani) dosha pariharardham, “Shani Japam” Rahu dosa pariharardham, Sarpa Suktam for Lord Subramanya to get relieved from the negative effects.