Makha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Pubba 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttara 1st pada

Aries Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter(Guru) acts as Tamara Murthi(copper form, considered to be unfavourable) communicating in the 10th house and later acts as Rajata Murthi (silver form, considered to be favourable) communicating in the 11th house. This year-long, planet Saturn(Sani) will move favourably, occupying Rajatamurthi form(silver) and communicating in the 10th house. Rahu and Ketu’s planet positions seem to be communicating between 2-8 houses acting as Loha Murthi (Iron form, considered highly unfavourable).

The Planets Rahu and Jupiter turn favourable to Aries. But, till 6-4-2021, planet Saturn is in the 10th house, giving mixed results. And as planet Jupiter is moving faster than its usual speed, things will be favourable for Aries sign from 06-04-2021. 

Till 6-4-2021, as Jupiter communicates in the 10th house and as per scripture, “Dhyaananaaso Dhana chhedham vrudha sancharana bhyam”, Aries people may experience job-related disturbances. There might be positional motion in the job, loss of money, losing the job, delay in promotion and job activities, and heavy workload signs. The unemployed are suggested to be careful as there are high chances of getting cheated. The compatibility between your spouse and family members may get affected. There will be a hike in daily expenses and unnecessary travelling charges.

So, starting from 6-4-2021 to 16-09-2021, Jupiter moves to a profitable position leading to favourable results. As per scriptures, “yasovrudhirbalam Teja sarvathra vijayassukham” Aries people will get good fame and reputation in the society. The unemployed will get a new job, and job holders will get a promotion. It shows that Aries people will happily spend April to September by attending weddings, visiting temples, getting rid of enemy vibes. 

The planetary moments of Saturn, Rahu, Kethu, and scripture “Sowbhagya bhagyamaroghyam ardhalaabham yasakaram” shows signs of good luck, auspicious deeds and good health along with high profits in earnings. Aries people will travel to mountain places, participate in dinners and parties during these months. The scripture “vyakulam shoka santhapa paapamudhyoga vighnyakam” shows unexpected changes in job role, signs of sorrow and misery, and delay in works. 

However, to conclude, the months starting from April to September looks favourable for Aries and will get to fulfil their wishes like buying their own house and vehicles during these months.

To fight the odds in job and career, Aries people are suggested to follow “MANYUSUKTHA PARAYANA” or “MANYUPASU PATHAM” for better results. Lighting a Diya in lord shiva temple every Saturday and chanting “Dakshina Murthy stotram” every day will also give the best results.