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Makha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Pubba 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttara 1st pada

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

The week starts with a favourable atmosphere along with the financial gains. Lacks in happiness & comfort, for making heavy arguments even for small matters and also leads to mental worries. You may encounter expenditure in an unexpected way. It's good to deal with the family related matters in a smoother way rather than with haste nature. The controversial atmosphere takes place within the family for not taking the right decision in one of the important matters.


Even though week starts with adverse atmosphere, the solution comes one by one for each and every problem that encountered till now and time turns delightful. Receives support from family members, life partner and elder persons in an unexpected manner. Financial profits can be there. As you deal with nice communication skills and reacts in a timely manner, you can solve litigations and problems in an easy manner. Not taking right decisions in profession/business and some adverse impact can be there. There can be a change takes place again in the situations from the middle of the month. Competition grows in every matter and some unexpected problems can be encountered in profession/business. Chances are there your enemies or other people can turn situations into their favour and create troubles for you. Struggles can grow.

Aries sign people struggles can increase for them encounters obstacles to step forward in any work, and a lot of struggling can be required to meet your expectation. Starting from May to November first week shows unnecessary stubborn nature, perseverance can increase, and also due to facing criticism from mother-in-law’s family members, can lead to arguments and you also equally criticize and argue with them. In profession/business, situations looks like you are creating problems on your own. Chances are there that you take decisions without any fear in some situations. You should make rituals to create peace. It is good to worship Lord Subrahmanya (“Sarpa Sooktham”). (From June last week to 2nd September & From October month-end to 1st January) Even though there can be sudden financial gains, there lies some unknown dissatisfaction; abdominal health disorders can effect, also chances there to encounter fraud along with troubles from very close friends or younger siblings. Both favourable and adverse atmosphere to some extent can be there from 11th October. Discussions can take place on property matters, encounters financial profits, situations may not exist as per your expectations. Chances are there to encounter implications from December month-end to 1st week of February. Along with Debts and marital problems, lacks in happiness & convenience. Changes can take place in the situations from 8th March 2019. You become courageous, steps into the path of devotion, shows interest towards travelling to visit pilgrimages, divine places. Expenses can be there more than the income.

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