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Makha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Pubba 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttara 1st pada

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14 Jul, 2019 to 20 Jul, 2019

Encounters unexpected journeys and struggling can be there. You may implement new strategies to suppress your enemies or competitors. From middle of the week, profession/business can be normal. Obstacles can be encountered on the expected dealings. Mental worries can be there due to health issues. Arguments can take place without any reasons. Chances are there duplicity can happen. It's better to be very careful.


The month starts with perseverance, stubborn nature and mental worries. Even though financial up & downs can be there during the 1st-week beginning, receives money to hand during the weekend. You may feel pain in your heart as opinion difference can rise unexpectedly with your younger siblings or uncle/aunt and then turn into arguments. Criticism can be encountered as you are not able to stand on your words. How much care you are while talking to the others, rivalry can be encountered and makes you surprise. Physical strain becomes more and more. Others may wait for the opportunity to point out on your mistakes. Offering milk to goddess Devi and chanting her mantra can give some relief from the problems that surrounded you. Situations can turn negative and gives you a headache in profession/business and all the other works.

They are going to be the next ninth in the next nineteenth house. The ninth, At the same time,
This year mixed results were mixed results. The results of Ravi, Kuza, Buddha and Venus are some of the reliefs of these astrologers. For some of the best in the country, the phase of the race, if it is against the horoscope stage, For the sake of behavior, behavior, and employment, you need to be very careful The.
According to the scientific text, “The Chorangi Nirpa Bhitish voiced demolition destruction” by the devotee to the 5-11-2019, the need to pay attention to important commodities. Some officials may have problems due to higher authorities. It is not useful to you what the groom feels greatly. Dicivaraku the opportunity to spend a little time on any one guy? We have a time when it comes to the idea that I will stop drinking.
This year the whole Rahu’s third home is a “science of human philosophy.” According to the scientific theory, the respect for the honor of the community is disrupted. Never be an idle idea of ​​a problem. Fear and love are not coming to help you out of the family in the family. Why do all of you know? The thoughts of why these troubles are coming up are your thoughts and the spirit of spiritual growth.
Shani is going to be wandering in the next 10th year. This is the reason that “the grief of the grief of the grief: ka kruddhiravadhikavachittu sukham” and “the disease of sakha santa: the sin of sin” is dubbed as water. Sometimes the work can not start at the desired time. The contradiction with them may be a threat to the job.
Overall, this year, they will learn many lessons in their life. Find out who are the best friends. This is the most favorable time for them when the guru entered the place of worship after 5-11-2019. But it’s good to have some of the time to move on in life.
It is good to have a good time to get more positive outcomes. Rudrakaranayana is good for gaining the favorable results. To distribute the anti-rheumatic results on Thursdays and those who have the ability to donate 1 ¼ kg can be said to be a “mama gacharya rite otma guru doshapharamadram”. To beamaham (for older persons), orphans, Beaconandra can also be donated.Elders respect Incadam, education by the rebels to respect the planet Jupiter can subhaphalitalu. Subramanian Swamy’s arrogance and “Naga Sindhu” wear can have positive results. Shani Planetary companions are good for every Saturday evening in the Shiva temple at Nandi, with the oil of sesame oil.

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