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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Punarvasu 4th pada, Pushyami 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Aslesha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

You may lack happiness and comforts due to talking a lot and unstable nature. Irritation can be there for making incorrect decisions in one of the important matters. Along with the problematic situation in profession/business dealings, unknown depression and lethargy can be there. Your life partner takes whatever others say to their head. Opinion difference can be there in everything.


Father/Mother influence can be there on the majority of your personal matters. Even though money receives to your hand, can be spent on unnecessary matters and wasted. Mental worries can be there related to family matters, however, doesn’t lack comforts and conveniences. Chances for woman’s oriented domination can be there related to the matters at home. Even though time is in your to some extent, you may roam around many times even for small matters. You may show more interest in meeting siblings and friends/relatives. From the middle of the month, even though you may help and support others, their behaviour can be like discussing on your personal matters and disturbs your respect. Your tongue slip nature can create unexpected fighting atmosphere. Worshipping Lord Subramanian (offering milk) and chanting lord Durga Devi mantra can create the favourable atmosphere with the life partner.

Cancer sign people way of talking can surprises everyone. Whenever there is a chance, its better not to speak bad about others, otherwise it can push you into troubles. Talking good words in every matter can create the chances to escape from adverse situations. Your words can work negatively. As situation can be in adverse between 1st week of May and 1st week of November, its better to take enough care. In profession/business and personal matters as you are not able to react in time, it can be problematic and along with that chances there that your name/fame can be damaged. As there can be argument happen with life partner for known and unknown reasons, it makes every day of you very problematic (otherwise life partner can encounter severe health complications). It’s better to stay patience or keep quiet in some of the situations. However from 11th October, your thought process becomes sharper and receives suggestions/directions from elders/masters or your father. Also their blessings can be with you. Property related discussion can happen and property related transaction can favour between December month-end till 1st week of February. 2019 Starting from 2nd week of March, expenditure can happen in expected way and instable nature can go away. Chances are there that you don’t find enemies any more. It’s better to invest for you on property related dealings. Possibilities are there that money can be misused if you don’t plan well in advance on expenditure.

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