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Tuesday, September 25, 2018


Uttarashada 2, 3, 4 padas, Shravanam 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Dhanishta 1, 2 padas

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

Respect & recognition can increases. Mental disturbances can be there. You may lack happiness and comforts. Chances are there that you can face problems due to a lady. Life partner's nature can be like they help & support at sometimes, however, comments & criticises your behaviour at other timings. You may receive oral support from a lady for the development in profession/business. Offering any leafy vegetables, tomato and food items made up of black grams to others is good for you.


Troubles faced till now become more aggressive from the starting of the month. Whatever work you take up, can include a lot of struggles and expenditure. Whatever income you receive will lead to expenditure and moreover, there is a chance you take credits from others. In profession/business and the dealings, you may receive a lot of respect and honour from everyone. Chances are there opinion differences can take place with life partner and mother. Even though the flow of expenditure and struggling increases for your father, however, some relief can be there from the middle of the month. Some troubling atmosphere can take place with father or father side relatives. There can be the only partial outcome for the efforts you already put in the past. And moreover receives comments that you are dealing in a selfish manner to increase your name & fame. Along with pressures and struggles, you may also encounter obstacles in the dealings you already initiated.

Tensions can take place along with troubles and expenditure for Capricorn sign people. Physical stress and exhaustion can become very high. Increase in workload can make you dull. Mother related problems can be there. Litigations related to property matters can be there. Starting from 2nd May, opinion differences with mother, arguments with life partner can happen. Faces difficulty to manage between mother and life partner, and situations can trouble you between them. You may lack happiness and comforts. Due to the mental instability developed in some of the situations, encounters blaming, chances are there that the name and reputation can be disturbed. Along with encountering rejections from your friends, opinion differences also can rise. From 11th October, it can be profitable in everything. Even though how many problems take place, the solutions come immediate and don’t trouble you much. Situations can turn fully into your favour. Time is good for those who are looking for marriage proposal, also those who are ready for marriage and not in trails. Starting from 8th of March 2019, expenditure can be there as mind turns toward spirituality and participates in god’s worshipping. Desires to live alone or there a need to live alone can happen. Human eye affect can be there on you. It is very much troubling period for your uncle & aunty. You may spend time on travelling, and to meet elders/masters.  It is favourable to you to travel other countries. Development can be there in business/profession, also receives promotion in the profession.

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