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Mrugashira 3, 4 padas, Arudra1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 padas

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10 Feb, 2019 to 16 Feb, 2019

Take time management rules to get Good results and better ambiance. Concentrate on the food and sleep.if you won't pay respect to your elders it will punish you only.Problems in journeys may arise. shocks after getting some cash results. Take care always .


enmity will increase in and around you. Your life partner will face health issues . Due to this reason you are disturbed and it effects your career and personal life.it effects your financial position too.those who told to help you in the in past, also won't come to you again. Try do yoga and samadhi dhyanam.it will get you whichis real

Gemini sign people shows interest on unnecessary matters and negligent attitude towards import matters, and because of that loses some of the opportunities. Very minor opinion differences there with life partner can bring lot of big problems. Also those who involve between them, chances are there they may become fools. Changes there for people, they can move very close with you and gathers all your information, then slowly influence your mind and change it to wrong direction. Because of that chances are there that your name/fame can be damaged little bit. Don’t extend anything till it breaks. It’s better to deal like you are overlooking about some of the matters. From 1st week of May to 1st week of November, financial difficulties, complications in every little thing, health issues, also there is a new kind of problem rises in the family and chances there that it can mentally depress you. High pressures can be there on the Debts taken. Chances there you can encounter accidents. Elder siblings can face unexpected problems in their profession, and also they can lack happiness & comfort. Chance for the rivalry there with life partner can become much bigger from 2nd Week of October. Moving nature develops, unable to make stable decisions, high degree of perseverance rises in life partner, can be there from 2nd Week of March. Some relief can be there on family problems, economic troubles.

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