Mrugashira 3, 4 padas, Arudra1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Punarvasu 1, 2, 3 padas

Gemini Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter(Guru) acts as Tamara Murthi (Copper form, considered as unfavourable) communicating in the 8th house, and later acts as Loha Murthi(Iron form, considered extremely unfavourable) this year. The planets Rahu- Ketu communicates between houses 12-6 acting as Rajata Murthi(Silver form, considered favourable)

The wandering planets Jupiter(guru), Rahu, and Saturn(Shani) are going to give completely incompatible and opposite results till 6-4-2021. There are chances for ashtama shani and ashtama guru to cause disturbances. But, good planetary positions may stop them from causing trouble. If the planetary positions are not supportive, Gemini people must be very careful till April end. 

The Ashtama Shani (When planet Saturn is in the 8th house from Rasi) and ashtama guru(when the planet Guru is in the eighth place rasi) causes a sudden financial crisis. The scripture “choragni nrupa beethischa gathra gaambirya naashanam” says there are chances of problems due to superior at work, latency in government-related works, increasing rage and mental anxiety 

The scripture “Naanaakarya Virodasya vyadhipeeda dhanakshyayam” shows delays in works, unexpected arguments, and eye-related issues. 

Importantly due to “Vyaya Rahu” doshas, one will be betrayed, employees will experience job pressure, very less chance of money-saving, and be petrified of enemies, while businessman experience mixed results. By god’s grace, in April month due to athicharam (being fast forward), the Planet Jupiter turns favourable from 6-4-2021 to 16-9-2021. 

As per the scripture “Ardancha swakulachaara gruhenithyotsava subham” Once the Planet Jupiter strengthens, Gemini people can see income progress, experience a happy environment, travel long-distance, get a job promotion, will have kids, and chances of buying a new home. One will also attend family weddings during this time. 

So, to conclude, Gemini people need to be careful till April and due to the planetary strength of Jupiter, one can observe a happy environment pos April month. To fight the odds and get the best results it is suggested to follow the below: 

Sankalp 1: Chant Mama Chandra lagnavasaath “Ashtama Shani” dosha pariharardham by offering salutation to Lord Shani followed by Lighting a Diya in Lord Shiva temple every Saturday during Pradosh Kaal. 

Sankalp 2: Chanting Mama Chandra lagnavasaath “Ashtama guru” dosha pariharardham doing Guru charithra Parayanam on Thursday and donating chick peas may give best results