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Makha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Pubba 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttara 1st pada

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20 May, 2018 to 26 May, 2018

The week begins with expenses and unstable mindset. It is not advisable to share your secrets with others. Along with struggles in profession/business, enemies and competitors can also increase. Expenses that encountered to till date can reduce and also financial matters can settle down. Teachers and experienced one supports you well in the dealings. You can hear good news ending of the week.


You may lack happiness and comforts. Even though obstacles can be encountered, you can defeat your enemies. Those who want to harm you; in return they can be harmed themselves. You may deal with very stubborn nature in some of the matters. There can be a relief from the problems faced till now in the financial &family related matters and also there can be improvement in the situations. You can receive help and support from friends and relatives. Even though problems can rise in profession/business, however with utmost interest can prepare good strategies to overcome the problems. You may receive high results even for little bit of effort. Woman related money gains can be there. Situations can turn problematic for your elder siblings. Chances are there you can encounter litigations in property related matters. Otherwise expenditure can be there due to repairs for property related matters.

Leo sign people even when they speaks good, others can receives that negatively, and especially by your life partner. Problems can rise due to self-made mistakes. Troubles can become more with the children. It’s better to take care, as not only they argue with you and even can turn against you. Controlling your aggressive nature can help you to escape from many troubles. You can encounter blaming from your life partner. Dealing without prior thinking, very emotional even for small matters, thinking in wrong directions, all these can create mental tension to you. Lacks in happiness and comfort, even though faces obstacles can get victory over enemies, those who want to harm you in return can be harmed, all this can happen between 1st week of May and 1st week of November. In some matters can deal with very stubborn nature. Changes can come in situations from 2nd week of October. Even though minor issues can rise with mother-in-law’s family, preparations can be made for self-development, home appliances, purchasing new house or plot can be planned. Shows interest towards purchasing vehicles. Changes in situations can take place from 2nd week of March. Expenses encountered till now can slow down and behaves with straight forward nature. Every word that comes from your mouth need to be good only, speaking bad words is not good for you.


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