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Chitta 3, 4 padas, Swathi 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Visakha, 1, 2, 3 Padas

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10 Feb, 2019 to 16 Feb, 2019

Good results and Days are there for you.Big cash prizes id there. Future plans will become fruitful. For you some new responsibilities will start. By attending Some functional programmes you may be enjoyed in food and entertainment. Your self confidence will be increased.


your time is Good and fastly going to give you nice results. Others also will help you volanterely by themselves.Your enemies will observe all your details by showing you.dont believe new persons. Maybe one or two small journeys will come on your job search .Even you have some amount in hand , you will be in waiting to get some more amount which is in pending..

Libra sign people encounter adherence from younger siblings. Even though economic up & downs, minor problems exists, all will set right slowly. In some of the situations can shows poignant aggressiveness and hasty in words. From 2nd Week of May to 1st Week of November, may encounter family and economic related problems. Troubles can be there due to the life partner. It’s better to take enough care while travelling on vehicles. Litigation problems can be encountered in property related dealings. From June month-end, encountering problems or cheating can lead to mental worry and along with that unexpected expenditure can be there. Starting from October month, understanding comes on dealings, shows interest on material knowledge. You can receive applause, help and support from the elders. From middle of September month, one problem related to Government can rise and you pay for it some big amount. 2019 From 2nd Week of March, the problems there in profession/business can be resolved one by one and you get solution for them. Expected results can be very nominal in any of the initiated dealings. You are very much interested in travelling. Everything can turn problematic for your younger siblings. Students those who are Libras, can encounter obstacles and with lot of difficulty receive expected results finally. In whatever condition the situations are, work can be finished smoothly by you with the blessing lord Siva.

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