Chitta 3, 4 padas, Swathi 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Visakha, 1, 2, 3 Padas

Libra Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter(Guru) acts as Loha Murthi (Iron form, considered to be extremely unfavourable) communicating in the 4th house, and later acts as the same Tamara Murthi (Copper form, considered to be unfavourable) communicating in the 5th house this year. Saturn communicates in the 4th house acting as Tamra Murthi (Copper form, considered to be unfavourable) and the planets Rahu- Ketu communicates between houses 8-2 acting as Swarna Murthi (Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable) 

Jupiter being super-fast can be considered lucky for Libra. Because if Jupiter doesn’t enter kumba rashi, the planetary positions of Jupiter, Rahu, and Saturn would have caused negative results. But Jupiter moving fast forward has turned favourable in giving the best results to Libra people after April 6th. 

Till April 6th, there are signs of negative effects due to “ardastama Shani” “ashtama Rahu” and “ardashtama guru”. But, Jupiter being favourable have come to the rescue and the scripture “Arda laabam tadaiswaryam swakarma rathiharshitham” shows progress in financial status, chances of a job promotion, celebrating auspicious events, hearing the good news of having kids, business profits, visiting temples, and holy places. 

But before April, the scripture “vaathasulam manaklesam bhayam swasthana haanikruth” depicts family disturbances, latency in property sale, change in jobs, lack of mental peace, losing interest to stay home. The other scripture “yachanam budhi chaanchalyam tejohaanirdhanavyam” shows dishonour, being dependent on others for everything, lack of mental stability, financial loss, chances of betrayal, job stress, compatibility between superiors getting affected, and facing issues due to children. 

The scripture “dehapeeda manaklesam chatushpaadha mrugadbhayam” shows signs of emergency due to animals, disturbances in important works, unexpected travel plans, health issues due to bugs and insects. There are also chances of positional movement. 

So, the months before April are not considered favourable for Libra people and students get mixed results too. Following the below can prevent the odds and major effects. 

Sankalp 1: Perform Abhishekam for Lord Subramanya chanting Mama Chandra lagnavasaath “Ashtama rahu” dosha parihararadham

Sankalp 2: Donate peas on Thursday chanting Mama Chandra lagnavasaath “Ashtama guru” dosha parihararadham