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Poorvabhadra 4th pada, Uttarabhadra 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Revathi 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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22 Apr, 2018 to 28 Apr, 2018

You can show interest on unnecessary matters and negligent attitude towards import matters and because of that loses some of the opportunities. Behavioural changes take place. Steps forward to help others in the work with expecting returns. Chances are there to lose opportunities in business/profession due to talking negligently. Whatever work you take up, faces some small obstacles, however can complete them successfully.


In order to finish your work you may try to attract others by showing/offering something to them and also deals in a very tactful manner. You can’t take up any of the dealings, without expecting something in return. The results can be according to your estimations. However the results can’t meet your expectations in the profession/business. Mental disturbances can be there. You can make expenditure for your self-satisfactions. From middle of the month, whatever you gave as credit in the past, that money can be received to your hand. You prepare yourself to do any kind of work for your happiness and comfort. You show juggling nature in the dealings. Mother-in-law family member’s support can be there. During third week-end, some problem there due to the children, can push you into troubles. Chances are there you get involved in a controversial affair.

Pisces Sign people, need comes to invest money in business/profession can happen and spends money for it. Encounters more struggles, in addition to the existing one. The negligence shown while taking right decision in business/profession, not only creates problems to you, also encounters problems due to servants/workers. From 2nd of May month, there can be some favourable change happen in the situations. The investments done in the past, it can come back along with the interest amount. You can settle the amount to others that you kept in pending. In some of the situations, by showing false love on other or even with delusion/fraud, you make others to work for you and finish your dealings. From 11th October, not only finishes the work you aimed for, but also can receives success in them. Those who are looking for marriage proposals, it is good time to proceed from 11th October. Shows interest in visiting sacred places. 2019 From 8th March, lacks in happiness and comfort. And also problems can rise again in profession/business matters. However they don’t bother much as you can find some solution to the problems due to the blessings of Lord Siva there on you. Chances are there you perform sacred (pushkara) river bath. Health complications and material problems can trouble your mother. You may show maturity in the way of your thinking and communication. Your father shows interest towards land property related dealings.


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