Poorvabhadra 4th pada, Uttarabhadra 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Revathi 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

Pisces Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter(Guru) acts as Swarna Murthi (Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable) communicating in the 11th house and later acts as Taamra Murthi (Copper form, considered to be unfavourable) communicating in the 12th house. Saturn acts as Taamra Murthi (Copper form, considered to be unfavourable)communicating in the 11th house, and the planets Rahu- Ketu communicates between houses 3-9 acting as Taamra Murthi(Copper form, considered to be unfavourable).

The wandering planets Jupiter and Saturn are going to be highly supportive for Pisces after a long time. Especially they are going to give good results in a profitable position. As Pisces got rid of “Ardastama Rahu”  the transit also shows positive results. If the astrology shows the good placement of planetary movements, Pisces leads royal life this year.

The movement of Jupiter being positive and as per the scripture “yasovrudhirbalamteja sarvathravijayassukam” Pisces will earn honour and respect in the society, will feel a new level of energy and happiness, will also complete works on time. Students get the best grades and results, employees get a job promotion, there will be financial progress, will win over enemies, clears debts, and get high profits in business. 

Due to the positive movements of planet Saturn, the scripture “dhanadhaanyaadhi vrudhincha sthri puthra sukhavardhanam” depicts financial growth, being part of auspicious events, will have kids, buy luxury goods, and will complete every work without any hurdles. There are signs of buying a new vehicle and clothes. Farmers will get a good yield. 

If Pisces start working on the long-pending works before April 6th, they can complete without any hurdles. After April 6th, Jupiter moves to the 12th house, and the scripture “subamulo vyayayschaiva praanivikraya dooshanam” says Pisces sign people are going to spend money on auspicious events and there are signs of positional movement. 

Rahu moving in the 3rd house and the scripture “Maanahanirmanaklesam dairyahaanisthadaivacha” shows mental anxiety, conflicts between brothers, and court cases coming to the final point. 

This year is comparatively positive than the last and to still get better, Pisces sign people are suggested to perform Abhishekam doing “Sarpa suktam” to lord Subramanya on Shasti tithi.