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Moola 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Poorvashada 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Uttarashada 1st pada

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

You may step forward to help others in the work, without expecting any returns. Even though facilities can be available in a timely fashion, health complication can rise, money can’t be there at hand, and leads to mental instability. Expenditure can be there related to your personal needs. Along with no support from the family members, criticism also can be encountered from them.


Even though there is some delay, however, you meet with the expected results for whatever efforts you put in the past. The favourable atmosphere can take place in the family related dealings. It's not good to talk without prior thinking. Woman oriented help and support can be received. You may receive some good news. Health problems may decrease for your children. Also, they may show a lot of love and affection towards you. Some relief can be there now for your mother from what so ever troubles faced till now. You may show enthusiasm to achieve higher targets. Shows more interested towards home appliances and home decoration items. This is a favourable time for those who are looking for marriage proposals. And those who wait for promotion in profession/business, even though some delay is observed however favourable results can be there. It's good to deal with the family related matters in a smoother way rather than with haste nature.

Sagittarus Sign people even when they take initiatives to control their resentment, it becomes difficult for them to control it. It’s better for you to show high level of patience in family related matters. Struggles can become high. Problems can be there due to servants. The feeling of “doing better than telling” can develops in you. By visiting or worshipping lord Hanuman temple can give some relief from your troubles. Starting from 1st week of May, irritations can take place in economic transactions. Its better you speak good words. Chances are there for misunderstandings and disadvantages can take place. Arguments that take place in the family can result into a quarrel.  Offering milk to lord Subrahmanya or chanting Lord Maanasaa Devi mantra is good for you. Even how worse the situations can become, the blessings of lord Siva can help you to come out of all the problems. Starting from 3rd week of July, father’s health concerns can create some mental worry. Chances are there that faults can happen in one of the important matters. Starting from 11th October, as your interest grows on worshipping programs and helping to others, you can encounter some expenditure. You may spend some of your money for name/fame and also to increase your father’s dignity & respect. Starting from 8th March 2019, chances are there a lot of changes can take place in the situations. You may deal with foolish attitude, shows perseverance and stubborn nature in unnecessary matters. Along with marital problems, chances are there to get a bad name.

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