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Sagittarius Horoscope 2021

Till 20-11-2021, the planet Jupiter(Guru) acts as Rajatha Murthi (Silver form, considered to be favourable) communicating in the 2nd house, and later acts as Swarna Murthi (Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable) communicating in the 3rd house this year. Saturn communicates in the 2nd house acting as Swarna Murthi (Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable) and the planets Rahu- Ketu communicates between houses 6-12 acting as Swarna Murthi(Golden form, considered to be extremely favourable)

Apart from Saturn, the other wandering planets Rahu and Jupiter are favourable for Sagittarius and this period is going to benefit good time due to the support of Jupiter and Rahu planets. As Sagittarius sign people are in the last phase of completing their “Sade Sati” or “elinati shani” (The 7.5 years when Saturn transits and crosses over three zodiac signs) this year is going to be very positive when compared to last year results. 

The scripture “Dhairya buddhirvirya budhi ripunasam sadhasubam” says Saggitarius people will get rid of the fears troubling them for many years, shows courage and bravery, will clear the debts, will be free of health issues, get the government funds in time, mental peace, sound health and also gain a complete win over their enemies. 

The scripture “Manassouwkyam yasovrudhim sowbhagyancha dhangamaha” depicts organizing family weddings, will be benefitted financially for the projects worked on long ago, job promotion, signs of buying new vehicle and house. It is going to be a good time for both students and employees. Sagittarius sign people are going to spend some good money on auspicious events. They will earn fame and respect in society. 

The scripture “Sadhaklesam vrudhavairam sathatham kaaryanashanam” says because of “Sade Sati(elinati Shani) there will be conflicts, unwanted journeys, not completing things on time, being rejected by family members, love failure, lack of sleep, and being lazy all day. 

As Jupiter turns a bit unfavourable after April month, there might be changes in job and business life. It shows mixed results for students, selling and buying lands might be delayed. 

To conclude, this year is going to be more positive and productive compared to last year. Following the below can yield the best results.

Sankalp: Donate sesame seeds and perform “Manyupasupathi Homam” or “Masa Shivaratri “Abhishekam”. Chant Mama Chandra lagnavasaath “Dwithiya Shani” dosha pariharardham for best results.