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Visakha 4th pada, Anuradha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Jyeshta 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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14 Jul, 2019 to 20 Jul, 2019

Troubles can be encountered in the dealings; however with perseverance nature you can turn them into your favour. It's better to keep away from arguments. Along with opinion difference rise with parents/elders, chances are there your honour and respect can be disturbed. More struggling can be there in profession/business, unnecessary litigations can be encountered. Expenditure for self satisfaction can be there during weekend.


The month can start with unnecessary anger, criticism and tensions. Opinion differences can rise with your father, mother-in-law’s family members and chances are there that it can lead to bigger arguments. Starting from the second week, opinion differences there till now with life partner can be reduced. Encounters troubles in government-related dealings. Unexpected discussion can be encountered with friends and relatives and also can lead to controversies. It’s better to be very careful while talking to other people. Head or nerves system related problems can arise. Your life partner takes whatever others say to their head. Encounters are travelling. Woman oriented help & support can be received in profession/business, however along with that troubles & money profits can also be there. Whatever deals you take up, it’s better to be very careful and need to avoid negligent attitude. Just before taking a breath that a problem is solved for your father, the other problems can start troubling him.

They will be watched for the next couple of years till the 05/11/2019. Saturn The 24. 01. Up to 2020, the second drug is to be completed and the next third will be done as Rajitha Murthy. Raghu-Kotes are going to be rolled out in the year 6-2.
This year they have mixed results, and this is the year of testing for them this year because of the results of the long varieties of gurus, Rahu, Ketu and Shani, the birth of Guru, Ashta Rahu and Elani Shani. Earnings will come but will not stand .Not all the necessary facilities but there is no mental calm. They speak well and good with everyone but confrontations everywhere. The year will be passed before we think that’s why it happens.
Last year’s expenditure spending spending money on good works. The birth anniversary of this year’s “Rajagopo Yoshihi Job Offensive”, according to the text of the text, requires some adverse conditions. Do not be afraid of bad people. The job, the expected results in the business do not. No matter what time you decide to make a decision. The way you spend money is bad for you. If you do not know that you will not come back, you will lose sight of the money.
24-03-2019 The lactation is about 18 months. The body is very tired according to the texts of “the body of the thigh paddle”. Ever thought about something. It is good to take care of four-legged animals. The tasks are very hard to finish up to the expected time and do not believe until the results are coming up, at any time can be disrupted. There is a possibility of displacement.
“Elani Satani” reached the end of the season. Saturn will be completed by 24-01-2019. In the end, Shani will do some good, what good is not good! Unnecessary conflicts are increasing, according to the scientific text of “Sadaqlaim Wastawayiram Truth Work”, which involves in the sensitive disputes with the relatives and friends of the relatives. You have to do sinful deeds.
All this year they have mixed results this year. It is good to make Devi Khadangalas a better way to get this positive results. It is good to have an anointed Subramanian Swamy on Tuesday. The food and water for the monkeys’ dumb animals can be avoided by bad results. It is good to wear a niche spin. Good Brahmins are good to Sunday.

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