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Visakha 4th pada, Anuradha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Jyeshta 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

Expected results can be met and comforts can be available in a timely manner during the week beginning. You may show interest in making an expenditure that can satisfy personal comforts. One of the issues that encountered at mother-in-law’s home can trouble you a bit. Unnecessary involvement into the matters of your elder ones can create irritations for you. As your father shows the negligent attitude towards everything, it can create little bit opinion differences with others.


You may have some relief from the problems that faced till now. Introduces new methods and strategies in profession/business and even though physical strains are there, receives good results for your efforts. Mother-in-law family member’s involvement can be there in your family matters. Father may face troubles in the financial dealings; however, the situations can be somewhat better than the incidents faced in the past. The decisions taken by your father can be somewhat hard and trouble to make one in some of the matters. Situations can turn adverse to the younger siblings. Fun & entertainment, show off and life partner related expenditure can be there. Some negative atmosphere can be there from the middle of the month. Workers related problems, struggling increases and also results are not as good as your efforts, all these can happen in the work you are doing.

Scorpio Sign people can have family related issues. You can lose some of your time on unnecessary arguments. Struggling can be high, and there can be delay or sometimes can’t meet your expectations. Chances are there to spend money unnecessarily to satisfy personal conveniences. From 2nd week of May, showing unnecessary stubborn nature can lead to problems. Chances there for very small discussions happening with younger siblings can turn into big arguments. Chances there for you to pick wrong path or stuck up into problems. It’s better to take enough care. Those who are in plan for marriage proposals, from 2nd week of October is good time for them. Between 18th October and 16th November, Government or profession/business related troubles can be encountered. From 8th March 2019, economic troubles can become more and along with marital problems, blaming can be encountered from mother-in-law’s family members. Problems can be there at Mother-in-law’s family as well. Eating at improper timings can create abdominal health complications and trouble you. Some relief from the problems can be there by Worshiping lord Subrahmanya. Flow of expenses can become high for father. If you don’t create good planning on financial matters, chances there that unnecessary expenditure can be made and money can be wasted. Some of the opportunities that you received and suddenly can slip from your hand.

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