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Visakha 4th pada, Anuradha 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Jyeshta 1, 2, 3, 4 padas

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20 May, 2018 to 26 May, 2018

Father can face troubles, and also chances are there his name & fame can be disrupted. Mental disturbances can increase. Even though it is problematic in all the aspects, you will step forward with confidence. Stubbornness can increase. Father side relatives can help you and criticise as well. Ending of the week, all family members show interest to meet and chitchat. You deal with tactful nature.


Month starts with expenditures for family related matters or for self-satisfaction. Showing stubborn nature in unnecessary matters can create problems to you. Chances are there for very small discussions happening with younger siblings can turn into bigger arguments. Chances are there for you to pick wrong path or stuck up in problems. It’s better for you to take enough care. Starting from 2nd week, changes take place in the way of your communication. Competition can raise in the profession/business matters that you are dealing with. You may take some very important decisions during this month. Woman related financial gains can be there. Even though there can be relief from the troubles faced till now, chances are there for controversial atmosphere can take place with your involvement into unnecessary matters. High aggressive nature can lead to lot of unexpected problems. Your father can face troubles, and also chance are there his name & fame can be disrupted.

Scorpio Sign people can have family related issues. You can lose some of your time on unnecessary arguments. Struggling can be high, and there can be delay or sometimes can’t meet your expectations. Chances are there to spend money unnecessarily to satisfy personal conveniences. From 2nd week of May, showing unnecessary stubborn nature can lead to problems. Chances there for very small discussions happening with younger siblings can turn into big arguments. Chances there for you to pick wrong path or stuck up into problems. It’s better to take enough care. Those who are in plan for marriage proposals, from 2nd week of October is good time for them. Between 18th October and 16th November, Government or profession/business related troubles can be encountered. From 8th March 2019, economic troubles can become more and along with marital problems, blaming can be encountered from mother-in-law’s family members. Problems can be there at Mother-in-law’s family as well. Eating at improper timings can create abdominal health complications and trouble you. Some relief from the problems can be there by Worshiping lord Subrahmanya. Flow of expenses can become high for father. If you don’t create good planning on financial matters, chances there that unnecessary expenditure can be made and money can be wasted. Some of the opportunities that you received and suddenly can slip from your hand.


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