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Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

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14 Jul, 2019 to 20 Jul, 2019

You may do changes or arrangements in profession/business. You may implement new strategic policies. Favourable atmosphere can take place due to the children. From middle of the week, problems can be there from your enemies. It is required to be careful regarding food habits. Health complications due to irregular food timings can create some troubles. It may happen you take credit from others. Those who have partnership dealings need to be very careful. Due to guests visit, joyful atmosphere can take place at home.


Encounters obstacles in the dealings and month can start with irritation, mental pressure. Lacks mental stability during the first-week beginning, and your involvement with the even unnecessary matter can create troubles for you. Financial up & downs can be there, however, doesn’t lack timely required facilities. Even though you speak correct, chances are there that others can take it wrongly. Also, it’s difficult that you can have stability on your words. You may encounter stressful journeys. Even though you practically give help and support to others, chances are there that they can take it in a wrong way. Financial profits can be there in an unexpected way. Chances are there for an argument with family members & friends, even on very small matters. Adverse situations can take extreme form for your father.

This donation is for them. 05.11. Tari Murthy is the next eighth house owner of the guru till the year 2019, and the eighth intimate Tamara Murthy is the next ninth house. This year, they are celebrating the Rahu-Ketuva 2-

This will be very favorable for them this year. Guru, Rahu, and Kavithalu are the proponents of Shani and Rahu – long gravataras, Shani is going to give him an alcoholic effect. Over the past year, this situation has been a deterrent to this year, with the opposing conditions, humiliations, fiscal deficits, tasks and problems.

The introduction of the Guru to the Suthamma position is the introduction of the “Raja Vision Soul Gravity Voice Nutrition”, according to the text of the text, with contacts from the upper classes in the community. These contacts are causing their economic and political growth. Courage will increase. It will be possible to complete all the downtrodden works from a long time. Do not take care of you in a difficult time, talk like inspiration, insult, seek your approval and seek your closeness again. Health is good.

Rahu – Ketu’s second – octa positioning by the “prosperous part of the state of health” is a marital marriage that is best suited for non-married people. Economic progress is good. Speak with words of pride. The words that you speak will come from your achievements. Take part in the picnic. This second raku raises the way of earning money. Happily spend time.

Shani’s location is somewhat opposed. But it is a relief because of the 2/2 (two and a half) years of octa-sha 21. 01. 2020 The result of Bhagya Shani is not this year. So the honeymoon they are going to see in full positive results.

The change in the circumstances that has been around for almost a year has come and they are going to see the full favorable time. It is a good thing to do with the Massesavarathri, Shani Thaayadashi or Monday to get more positive results. More positive results if you read the time or the moonlight


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