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Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

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23 Sep, 2018 to 29 Sep, 2018

New people can come into contact. Younger siblings can visit your place. Help and support be there in the profession. Opinion differences can take place in the family, however, can settle down later. Dealing capabilities can become very less. Speaking without proper thinking can work adversely. Expenditure can be met on important dealings. You may do expenditure for own pleasures. Mental instability can be there.


Chances are their situations can be problematic from the beginning of the month. Whatever deal you initiate a lot of struggling involves in that. Whatever you may speak, that creates fighting atmosphere and dissatisfaction can be there. Chances are there health problems can take place. Situations can be like your efforts can go to waste. Even though your life partner’s help and support can be there, chances of unexpected fighting also can take place with them. Your father can become anger/emotional and struggles increases more for him, however, there can be help from someone or other. Situations can turn in a different way from the middle of the month. Even though you perform work with intelligence and in a well-disciplined manner, results can’t come as expected and moreover take place in a reverse manner. Visiting lord Devi in a lord Vishnu (who is in a sleeping posture) temple is good for you.

Taurus sign people can encounter huge problems, can’t step forward in any of the initiated dealings. With that Interest reduces and becomes repulsive in nature. You can express boredom and frustration on known and unknown matters. Work stress also can increases along with more struggles. Controversy can be there every day with life partner. From 1st week of May to 1st week of November situation can become worse. Flow of expenses can increase in one side, health complications for father, more hard work requires even for small works, can make you more aggressive. On other side along with stubborn nature and perseverance, foolishness increases for life partner (or there can be disorders due to health complications encountered by life partner). From 11th October, it is good time for those who are looking for marriage proposals. The efforts put into property related dealings can be favourable from December month-end. Time can come at some point where the financial expenditure in big amount can be there to keep your word. From March 1st week of 2019, along with struggles in the family, also encounters economic problems and tongue slip nature increases for mother. Both expenditure and troubles can increase one by one to your father, and that can make the situations worse for you. There can be relief to some extent to Taurus sign people by worshipping lord Subrahmanya.


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