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Krutika 2, 3, 4 padas, Rohini1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Mrugashira 1, 2 padas

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10 Feb, 2019 to 16 Feb, 2019

Govt officials may not cooperate with you. S that you will be depressed. With strong determination you will try to complete the works. Some amount may received by you . Even if it is not sufficient, you start the work with that. You may buy New items. Chance is there.


you will be annoyed with both physical and mental stress. They won't leave you up to half of this month.Problems will be solved slowly.helping hand from one lady will come to you. Even fincial related matter are covered you. Relatives will visit your house very frequently and you will annoyed in this matter. You shouldn't be stubborn always. Your life partner will angry on you. But will cooperate with your problems.sri Surya Pradhana is the Best salvation for you.

Virgo sign people, troubles can rise like unsolvable kinks are there and leads to unrest atmosphere in the family. Involvement into other’s matters can arise more troubles in additions to the existing one. It’s better to take enough care while travelling on vehicles. Chanting Lord Hanuman mantra is good for you. Even though how much you work hard, as mother-in-law’s family roughly deals and talks can make you unable to control your aggressiveness. On other side troubles can rise due to the children. Starting from May month, your younger siblings encounter financial loss in an important dealing or faces expenditure due to health related issues. One of the problems related to Government related taxes can trouble you. Talking in an unplanned manner can create suspect on your words to those who have given large amount of money as debts and you can encounter pressure from them. From 11th October any one of elder’s or master’s support can be there. 2019 From 2nd Week of March, along with unexpected changes, you can also face troubles in profession/business. Perseverance can increase for mother. Mental worry can be there during year-end.

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