How do they ordinate dusshera festival? What are the ways of celebrating this festival?



The Priest in the final rituals of immersing the Darpan to mark the completion of the five Durga Puja Festival on the Maha Dashami at Kolkata on October 21, 2007.
How do they ordinate dusshera festival

How do they arbitrate dusshera festival?

Dusshera Navaratri’s are celebrated every year in Sharath ruthu from Ashweyuja Shuddha Padyami to Dashami. As they come in Sharath ruthu they are called as Sharannavarathris.

Based on the time gap between the thithis this navarathris will be generally for 9 days, sometimes 10 days and in some cases 11 days also. Especially this year this Devi Navrathri are for 11 days.

How do we to celebrate this festival?

Generally in this sharannavarathris goddess will be worshipped each day in a different incarnation. As well as for each incarnation there will be different offerings to the goddess.

The different forms of goddess and offerings are…


Saturday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Padyami

Sri Svarnakavacha Durgadevi (Shailaputhri)

Red color saree

Cow ghee nivedana (Prasad)

Pongali (combination of moong dal and rice)


Sunday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Vidiya

Sri Balaa Tripura Sundari devi

Yellow color saree

Sugar nivedana (Prasad)

Dadhyannam (curd rice)


Monday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Vidhiya (Vruddhi)

Sri Gayathri Devi

Pink color saree

Milk nivedana (Prasad)

Gudannam (sweet rice using jaggery)


Tuesday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Tadiya

Sri Annapurna Devi

Brown color saree

Appam nivedana (Prasad)

Ghee rice


Wednesday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Chavithi

Sri Kathyayini Devi

Yellow color saree

Bananas nivedana (Prasad)

Payasannam (porridge prepared with rice)


Thursday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Panchami

Sri Lalitha Tripura Sundari Devi

Dark Green color saree

Honey nivedana (Prasad)

Lemon rice


Friday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Shashti

Sri Mahalakshmi Devi

Parrot Green color saree

Jaggery nivedana (Prasad)

Payasam (porridge)


Saturday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Sapthami

Sri Saraswathi Devi (moola star)

White color saree

Cashew nuts coconut nivedana (Prasad)


Sunday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Ashtami (Durgashtami)

Sri Durga Devi

Red color saree

Semolina pudding nivedana (Prasad)


Monday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Navami (Maharnavami)

Sri Mahishasuramardhini Devi

Ash color saree


Sweet rice made with jaggery nivedana (Prasad)


Tuesday, Ashweyuja Shuddha Dashami (Vijaya Dashami)

Sri Rajarajeswari Devi

Multi color saree

We can prepare based on our strength and can offer fruits also.

In this manner goddess will be worshiped based on the thithi and the incarnation. The goddess will be worshiped as she is on the first day in all the temples. For example, goddess Durga Devi will be worshiped as Durga Devi only on the first day.

In the same way if we worship the goddess in our home she should be worshiped as anusthan goddess on the first day.

We will get to know about, why will we worship goddess in those incarnations and why we should offer only that kind of Prasad and how to get rid of our daily problems in the next post.


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