How to bust obstacles at work? Read on…

Taruna Ganapathi
How to bust obstacles at work

How to bust obstacles at work

We experience glitches at work every now and then. And the fear of hurdles, disturbances and stoppages bother us like anything. There is one God who banishes all the obstacles and sorts out all the work related problems. He is none other than Taruna Ganapathi. He is not the regular Ganesha as we see every day. This manifestation of Lord Ganesha is something different. This is the second of 32 manifestations of Lord Ganesha. Taruna Ganapathi is octa handed, holding tusk, Guava fruit, sugar canes and spear with right side hands and Sweetmeat (Modakam), wood apple, corn and net on the left side hands.

He appears in bright red colour which is the symbol of Youthfulness. There are references of Taruna Ganapathi in Skanda Purana, Brahma Purana, Vamana Purana and Mudgala Purana.

Here goes the Dhyana Slokam of Taruna Ganapathi

Atha Taruna Ganapathi Dhyaanam Mudgala Puraane

Paashaankusha poopaka pidthajamboo

Swadanta Shaaleekshumapi Swahastaih I

Dhatte sadaa yastarunaarunaabhah

Paayaatsa yushmaam struno Ganeshah II


Chant this at least 27 times after taking bath and having fresh clothes, everyday at the time of daily worship. Everything will fall in line with the blessings of Lord Taruna Ganapathi.


Jaya Matangi _/\_


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