How To Detect Migraine In Horoscope?

Symptoms Of a Migraine

Nowadays a migraine is a frequent ailment that is affecting people worldwide.

Symptoms Of a Migraine:

A severe Headache which lasts from hours to a few days. Stiffness in shoulders and neck, Blind spots in the vision, Vomiting, difficulties with speech, loss of sensation, increased sensuality to light and sound.

Causes Of a Migraine:

Mental Stress, Anxiety, Mental Shock, Physical Stress, Lack of Sleep, Exposure to continuous Heat or Cold, Lesions in Eyes, Ears and Brain nerves. Hormonal imbalance, Alcohol, Salty and processed foods.

Astrological Combinations For a Migraine:

This will come under Afterbirth/ Long term/ Incurable/ Non fatal category. Planets responsible for this disease are Moon, Jupiter, Mars & Saturn.

  • Moon: Responsible for mental stress, anxiety, depression
  • Mars: Responsible for blood disorders, heat and brain inflammations
  • Jupiter: Responsible for blood flow in arteries
  • Saturn: Responsible for pain

Houses responsible for a Migraine

1st House, 3rd House, 6th House and 12th House

  • 1st House: Responsible for Head & Brain
  • 3rd House: Responsible for Neck, Shoulders & Nerves
  • 6th House: Responsible for Diseases, Ailments & Pains
  • 12th House: Responsible for Long Sufferings and Incurable diseases

Astrological Combinations In Horoscope

  • If Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn are in 3rd House and Star Lordship of 6th House Lord.
  • If 1st, 6th or 12th Houses Lords are in 3rd House and Lordship of Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn.
  • If planets in 6th House are in Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn Nakshatra.
    If Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn are affected by 1st,6th or 12th Houses or by their House Lords.
  • If Moon, Mars, Jupiter or Saturn are in 1st, 3rd or 6th House with 6th Lord as Star-lord.

If 1st House Lord is Bhava Star-Lord is in 6th House.
If 6th House Lord or 6th Bhava Star-Lord is in 1st or 3rd Houses
If 12th House Lord is in 3rd House with 6th House Lord as its Star-Lord.

Case Study: a Migraine: Chart is given below.

  1. 3rd, 6th & 12th Houses has been affected
  2. 6th House Lord Mercury is in Moon Star ( causes mental tensions).
  3. 6th Bhava Star-Lord is Jupiter ( causes arterial blood disorders) which is 12th House ( incurable long-suffering) Lord and is in 3rd House ( affects shoulders and neck).
  4. Jupiter is in 3rd House (represents shoulders, neck and nerves) with Mercury (6th Lord) as Star-Lord.
  5. Rahu ( causes incurable diseases) is in 6th House and is in Jupiter Star (12th Lord)
  6. 6th Lord Mercury afflicts moon and Jupiter.
  7. Mars is in Jupiter Star (which is 6th Bhava Star-Lord, 12th Lord and in 3rd House).
  8. From his 4th year, he has been running Moon, Mars, Rahu and Jupiter Mahadashas.
An article by Astrologer Balu Munnangi


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