How to get Lakshmi Devi blessings?


How to be blessed with the grace of Goddess Dhanalakshmi?

What should we do to be blessed with the grace of Goddess Dhanalakshmi?

An Almirah should never be empty. It is suggested to place Kubera yantra or Sri chakra yantra inside the Almirah to be blessed with the grace of goddess Lakshmi.

The Almirah must be placed in the north direction facing towards the south. It is suggested to stick a picture on the door of Almirah where Goddess Lakshmi is accompanied by elephants and performing Abhishek with Purna-Kalasa.

If one can find a picture of Lord Kubera tatva, then it must be pasted on the backside of Almirah on the north wall.

Nothing should be placed on top of the Almirah, and mainly “Sugandha Dravyalu” (Natural perfumes and natural essential oils) shouldn’t be placed on top of it. They should be kept inside of it. Whenever you lend money to someone, you must happily give the money.

Only holy and auspicious things must be kept inside the Almirah. Black turmeric root should be kept inside. The priest’s Akshata(Akshintalu) received as a blessing during temple visits should be collected and placed in a cloth and kept inside the Almirah.

Vishnu Sahasranamam, Govinda Namaalu and Lakshmi Ashtothram should be chanted regularly.

Cotton and Gomti Chakra must be kept in a small Kumkum box and kept in a place where they will not be moved or disturbed.

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