How to prevent cholesterol and BP with Sesame oil?

Sesame seeds . Selective focus
How to prevent cholesterol and BP

How to prevent cholesterol and BP

Indian Ayurvedic Traditions are awesome in their very nature. Food is medicine in our country. There are excellent remedies for everything in our traditional medical sciences. Practiced for some thousands of years, Ayurveda presents miraculous remedies and proves them right and stands still amidst the forceful takeover of the Western Medicine. Ayurveda treats the root cause of the disease instead of the symptoms and effects.

We have different seed oils in our cuisine which act as natural moisturizers and in fact medicines that can be directly applied. Sesame Oil is one of them. Sesame Oil wonderfully prevents accumulation of Cholesterol in blood vessels. The process is simple. Massage with warm Sesame Oil at early morning or in the evening. Let it like that for an hour and then take bath. If you cannot do it daily, do it twice a week. This prevents stashing of Cholesterol in the body and prevents blood pressure and risk of heart attacks. And it also removes the cholesterol already there in the body. So, try this wonderful tip from the Ayurveda, the science of life.

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