Importance of Shukla Paksha


Which is the auspicious day to please the planets that impact births and deaths? Which god should be worshiped on which day of the week? Let us learn those details. Each day of the week has its uniqueness, and accordingly, every day is auspicious and a favorite to different deities.

What is Sukla Paksha?

To get the blessings of Lord Anjaneya, Srivalli Devasena Sameta Subrahmanyeshwara swamy, and Kuja Graha dosha related Vrats, one has to perform Pujas on Tuesday.

This Vrat Vidhan or puja should be started on any Tuesday that falls on Shukla paksha of any month. It must be observed for at least 21 weeks. One can achieve Victory over enemies through this Vrat. The Health issues will subside. The devotees get relieved from high blood pressure, chronic illness, and debt. Copperware, red flowers, red cloths, and coconuts should be used in this puja. To eliminate the Kuja Graha dosha, the devotees should recite the Kuja Ashtothram or Moolamantra.

Any puja or Vrat should be performed with devotion rather than for results. Only then, our wishes will be fulfilled. One should stay away from attention and luxury. Devotees should take Cold baths, maintain a good diet and celibacy by sleeping on the floor. They should avoid alcohol, meat, or indecent conversations and scenes.

Which is the most prominent way to worship among Puja, Stotra, and Meditation?

Whom should we worship first during Nitya Puja?