Importance of Sravana Masam


Sravana Masam/ Shravana Masam is everyone’s favourite month, starting from children to adults. The newlyweds, the housewives, bachelors, householders appreciate worldly as well as spiritual bliss.

During this month, all the houses shine brightly with filled Curcumin and saffron along with the Godly Charm occurred by decorating the house with green mango leaves. As per the spiritual view, Varsha Ritu(Indian monsoon) falls during Shravana Masam, Bhadrapada Masam and is considered the Vedadhyayana period.

The original ‘Shravana Masam’ name itself gives the meaning of Vedakalam. “Shravanam” means “listening”, and Vedas are not something that can be read like a book. It is something one learns by listening. And ‘Guru’ is the one who teaches and disciples are the one who listens to the Vedas. “Swadhyaya” is another name for this Veda.

It is mentioned in Ramayana that one who studies Vedadhyayana gets rid of Moha(lust) and be revealed the form of Brahma. It is already mentioned in Treta yuga that the month of Shravana Masam is said to be the Vedadhyayana period.

Chanting the Lalita Sahasranamadi hymns, which is equivalent to reading the Vedas, the Vrata’s, Nomulu(observation of religious rituals), eliminate Moha and bring happiness.

So, as soon as this month arrives, the new brides observe the auspicious Mangala Gauri Vrata for five years.

Varalakshmi Vratham will be observed on a Friday that falls before Purnima, and on the day of Purnima, all the girls tie Rakhis to their brothers and share brotherly love with them. They, in turn, receive gifts from their brothers and happily enjoy the moments.

The statement “గృహిణీ గృహముచ్యతే” says – “If the housewives are happy, then everyone in the house will be happy. So, Sharavana Masam brings that kind of happiness.

As Lord Sri Krishna ascended on Bahula Ashtami of this month, Krishnashtami Vrata Acharan should be considered as an important subject.

On Shravan Purnima, the celibate or householder wears a new Yajnopaveeta for Srauta Smarta Nitya Karmanushtana Siddhi.

Farmers enjoy it when the rains with lightning and thunderstorms cool the country. They feel that their hard work is paid off, fulfilling their desires. So, in this way, Shravana Masam is a month that brings happiness to all.

— Brahma Shri Samaveda Shanmukha Sharma

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