Is Tamilnadu Chief Minister Jaya Lalitha’s Health in Danger? An analytical article based on Astrology.




1. According to Astrology

Hari Ome had already posted the reason behind celebrating Dusshera. It is mentioned that Dusshera is celebrated in Sharath ruthu from Ashweyuja shuddha Padyami to Navami. At this time Lord Yama Dharma raja’s one of the canines (tooth) come out on these days which creates troubles based on their last birth’s sins and good works which lead to health, financial and enemy problems. Some members die due to the effect of their fortune (horoscope) also. So such type of people should worship comparatively which reduces our problems to some extent. All these are mentioned in the posts.

Refer this link to know about the topic mentioned above in detail.

What is the reason behind celebrating the festival Dussehra?


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