Is there any way to reduce age?



Is there any way to reduce age?

People are constantly sitting or sleeping for 14hours a day may be in office, may be in an organisation or may be in front of t.v. people who are doing like that will affect by heart stroke and some other diseases. Nutrition’s are suggesting that by adding finger millet to our daily menu keeps away old age from us.

Finger millets contain high antioxidants. Therefore, by eating this age is hidden. Amino acids in Finger Millets reduce hunger. Moreover, it controls weight. Dishes made by finger millets flour slows down the digestion system. Therefore, it will not observe extra calories. Fibre in Finger millets makes feel like a full stomach that controls taking more food. Calcium in Finger millets keeps our muscles strong. Finger Millets are energetic food. Therefore, calcium in the Finger Millets helps in the good growth of Children. Give good energy. Women muscles will become weak in middle age. Ragi Malt made by Finger Millets gives good strength for Muscles.

Usually, food made by Finger Millets helps in strengthening the body. It helps in reducing tension, lack of sleep and anxiety. Experts suggest that Finger Millets help to control Migraine.


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