Kadiri Narasimha Swamy Brahmotsavas on the go

Kadiri Narasimha Brahmotsavas
Kadiri Narasimha Swamy

Kadiri Narasimha Swamy

2. What is the history behind Khadri Narasimha Temple?

As per the history and inscriptions the temple was built in 13 th century. This temple has been built beautifully with high walls around it and four Gopurams on each side. Wonderful architecture and sculpture of the periods of Chalukyas and Vijayanagara Empire. The perfectly constructed temple consists of vibrant sanctum sanctorum, outer sanctum, path for Circumambulation (Pradakshina Patham), Mukha Mantapam, Artha Mantapam and Ranga Mantapam. 

The main holy pond is Bhrugu Theertham. And other theerthas present were Draupadi Theertham, Kunthi Theertham, Pandava Theertham and Vyasa Theertham. Amruta Valli, one of the incarnations of Sri Maha Lakshmi is said to be the consort of Lord Narasimha of Khadri.

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