Kali – first and foremost primordial goddess of power

Maha Kali
Kali goddess

Kali goddess

Kali – The mother of Universe

Kali is considered as the first of Dasamaha Vidyas or ten highest orders of knowledge. Kali is the most primitive goddess of Hindu Religious System. Our ancient holy scriptures consider her as the mother of this universe. Kali is the controller of time. Those who worship Kali in any form can defy the rules of time and universe. But Kali sadhana is too difficult in many of her aspects.

Meaning of Kali

The word Kali comes from Kaalam which means time and darkness. Goddess Kali is the controller of time and the destroyer of darkness. She is the one who leads us in to the eternal light from darkness around us. Kalika Purana refers to Goddess Kali as Aadi Shakti.

Worship of Kali

Worship of Goddess Kali is practised mostly in North India. Kali has some temples consecrated in South India too. Goddess Kali is a tantric deity. She is mostly worshipped in Vaamachara or the left hand path. Tantra is the quickest way to appease Mother Kali but very extreme to practice. There are vast texts in Tantra which tell about the iconography and rituals pertaining to Goddess Maha Kali.

Jai Matangi Maa _/\_

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Kali – first and foremost primordial goddess of power


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