Kamalatmika Devi – The Goddess of unending Wealth

Kamalatmika Devi

Kamalatmika Devi

Kamalatmika – The Goddess of Wealth

Kamalatmika is one of the Dasamahavidyas. She is the tenth of Dasmahavidyas or the highest orders of knowledge. She is the purest form of prakruri. Goddess Kamalatmika or Kamala is the tantric manifestation of Goddess Sri Maha Lakshmi. Kamalatmika ammavaaru is associated with creation of wealth and beauty all around us. The sadhaka of Mahavidya Kamalatmika will never experience scarcity or lack of anything through his lifetime. The Sadhaka finally will get indestructible wealth, or the ultimate knowledge of liberation.

How she appears?

Goddess Kmalatmika appears as a beautiful young woman sitting wrapped in gold like clothes and adorned with glittering jewellery. She appears sitting on a big lotus with elephants around, showering her with water from pots. It is said that Amruta or elixir of life is being showered on her.

Benefits of worshipping Goddess Kamalatmika

Mahavidya Kamalatmika Sadhana results in prosperity and wealth

Sadhaka who does the worship of Goddess Kamalatmika will be able to accumulate enormous amounts of wealth

Goddess Kamalatmika purifies one’s mind and gives tranqility

Goddess Kamalatmika belongs to the material world as she grants abundance to her devotee

One can do her sadhana for unlimited riches in life


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