Kurma Dwadashi | Significance & Traditions of Kurma Dwadashi


Significance & Traditions of Kurma Dwadashi

Kurma Dwadashi

Kurma Dwadashi 2024 will be celebrated on Monday, January 22.

Dwadashi Tithi:

21 January 2024 starting at 07:27 PM
Ends on 22 January 2024 at 07:52 PM.

Kurma Dwadashi is a Hindu festival celebrated on the 12th day of the bright half of the Hindu lunar month of Phalguna. It is believed to be the birthday of Lord Kurma, the second avatar (incarnation) of Lord Vishnu, and is celebrated with prayers, rituals, and devotion.

There are several reasons why Kurma Dwadashi is considered to be an important festival in the Hindu calendar:

  1. It is believed to be the birthday of Lord Kurma, one of the most important incarnations of Lord Vishnu.
  2. While churning the ocean, in which Lord Kurma played a central role, is considered a symbol of the struggle between good and evil and the importance of balance and harmony in the universe.
  3. Kurma Dwadashi is a time for devotees of Lord Vishnu to show their devotion and seek his blessings through prayer and fasting.

1. Mantra to Recite

ॐ ह्रीं श्रीं कूर्माय नमः

Om Hreem Shreem Koormaaya Namah

A powerful invocation of Lord Kurma is often recited as part of the puja (worship) rituals conducted on Kurma Dwadashi. This Mantra brings blessings and protection from Lord Kurma, which is to be recited with devotion and sincerity to seek his grace and guidance.

It is generally recommended to recite this mantra at least 108 times on Kurma Dwadashi, alone or as part of a group. Some devotees also choose to recite the mantra throughout the day to maintain a constant connection with Lord Kurma and seek his blessings.

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