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Chitta 3, 4 padas, Swathi 1, 2, 3, 4 padas, Visakha, 1, 2, 3 Padas

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25 Feb, 2018 to 01 Jan, 1970


Irritation can be there in personal matters during month. Situations can be created like your honour and respect are disrupted. It becomes late to receive expected money, however reaches to your hand on needful time and makes you happy. Expenses can be there on your personal needs. Gains lot of respect as an individual and also in business/profession due to an elderly person’s advice & support in an unexpected way. Over talkative nature is not good for you and leads to problems. Good to have Ingenuity while talking. Better not to have negligence attitude towards any dealings. There can be some relief from the struggles or problems that are encountered till now. Encounters changes in your thought process. Manages things in a good manner. Situation can turn reverse during month end.

Libra yearly horoscope this year, your financial position looks positive. You will get money from many sources. Expenses might increase quite suddenly. There can be stress regarding the transaction of the large sum of money. Investments might not give the desired results too. Hence sudden fluctuations and instability might cause concern. There will be progress in acquiring a new job and in promotion in the service sector. For those keen to start a career, intensely dedicated efforts will be necessary to note desirable results. You may face occasional health problems. Family happiness may be disturbed due to occasional domestic quarrels and unwanted arguments. You will vanquish your enemies, and disputes will be settled amicably. You are likely to spend more time with your family members during this year. Avoid arguments with your spouse and try to maintain a good relation. Do not get involved any quarrels with your family and friends. To improve your relationships, evaluate yourself to see in what areas you may be lacking and try to make improvements. Your friends may help you to get over your enemies. You may also undertake local travel, on account of your work. You will develop faith and spiritual devotion and get providential help. You possess a mind that is sharp and clear. Your power of judgment will be exceptional. Your practical skills will increase with your experience. You will note respect and honour in your relation.


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